About seasoningtech
SEASONINGTECH CO., LTD. is the name of company, consisting of seasoning and tech which mean seasoned food and venture technology respectively. Aiming the highest goal in domestic food industry, the company is producing and supplying various raw materials and seasoned food to domestic food companies.


Our company is a producer of generally seasoned food, making mainly enriched liquid and seasoned flour as basic raw material, also a manufacturer and supplier of various raw materials related to food, such as agro-fishery flour, vegetables, spices, and additives.

Being certified with ISO 9001: 2000(UKAS), quality control management system, our company has a system for all process including research and development, manufacturing, quality control, and delivery. As we control all processing flow, the system for manufacturing and supplying of the best products is being operated.


On the base of the manufacturing of the above- mentioned products, we will do our best to develop the food industry in Korea, through organic system, harmony and unity.

Also, we hope all of you are in good health by utilizing product manufacturing and useful information.






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